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Gorgeous Websites for Tiny Budgets

I made my first website in 1995 - it was one page with a black background and a posed photo of my group. I was proud of it, but the irony was, there were so few people with internet access back then (or even computers for that matter) that the website didn't help our business much.

But after some other musician friends saw the website, they wanted one too, so I became known as the website guru.


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If a site calls out to you like a Boston creme pie behind the display glass, then it’s a good site, provided it is well organized and doesn't make the viewer work at all.

I found myself making websites for other artists, then health professionals, construction companies, alarm vendors and more.

Soon I began to analyze all the websites I visited on the internet.

The biggest problem I saw was poor organization. One should always be able to navigate easily between any two points of a website. I also found that I loved to structure information.

If a website seems simple and easy to navigate, you know the designer understands how to organize the information contained within it.

But the most important thing to me is beauty and elegance.

is for people who want professional websites but are afraid to venture further with web designers because of the prohibitive costs, long wait and high ongoing expense of maintaining a dynamic site.

I like to tell people that I'm a musician turned web designer but that's only half true. I lived for many years in Europe and worked as a musician and University lecturer.

Because many of my clients

operate with limited financial means, yet need to have information conveyed quickly and easily, I decided to hone my skills and make use of state-of-the-art software to speed up the website creation process, making it possible to offer the lowest prices possible without sacrificing functionality

and beauty.


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